What's Your Ward and Who's Your Council: Learn About Your Representation

Council Picture 4

The City is divided into four wards and two council members are elected to represent each ward (8 council members total). Elections are held every year but only one council member from each ward is up for election each year.

NEW in 2021, easily look up your ward by using your home address, visit: www.marylandheights.com/wardmap and type your address in the box on the map.

City Council members are the legislators of a municipality who are elected by their constituents. As local legislators, council members are responsible for and responsive to the citizens who elect them. A council member is tasked with performing many functions, including but not limited to:
  • Reviews and approves the annual budget
  • Establishes long and short-term goals, objectives and priorities
  • Oversees and suggests municipal programs
  • Passes ordinances and resolutions
  • Regulates land use, public safety and health policies
  • Responds to constituents needs and complaints 
  • Represents the community to other levels of government
Maryland Heights operates using issue-specific committees  such as Public Safety, Public Improvements, Community Development and Neighborhood Preservation, Parks and Recreation, Economic Development, Finance and Administration and Community and Public Relations. One member from each ward, appointed by the Mayor, serves on each committee. These committees reduce the length and frequency of full council meetings. They also enable greater discussion and participation. All committee meetings are open to the public to attend. For more information on committees, visit: www.marylandheights.com/committees

Council members are expected to attend multiple meetings every month, in addition to the City Council meetings that occur on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. They also attend various city events, ribbon cuttings, etc. which can be quite a commitment to fit into their personal schedules, family and work obligations.
The City Council are members of the community and recognize that decisions made will not only affect their ward but the entire city which impacts their own families, neighbors and friends. Residents call their council representatives at home, on weekends, and on holidays. In addition to their regular jobs, the council is always working for the community. These elected officials run for council because they want to help the community in which they live.
Running for City Council is not easy.  It requires learning about the complex issues that are important to their neighbors. Hours of labor and money are spent "pounding the pavement" by going door-to-door and learning who they are.

If you have an issue that concerns you or an idea to share, don't be afraid to reach out to the council members in your ward. Their contact information is located on the back page of the newsletters and at www.marylandheights.com/council. If they don’t have an immediate answer to your question, they know where to go to obtain one. Your city council member is your voice and was elected by the community to represent you.