Sports, Songs, & Sustainability

The definition of recreation is simple: an activity done for enjoyment when one is not working. Recreation can mean different things to every individual. One person may unwind by throwing a baseball, another may play an instrument, someone else may want to tend to a garden after a long day at work. Whatever your mode of recreation may be, it is true that recreational activities can assist with depression, anxiety, stress and creates a healthy physical and mental balance in life. We all need that break!

Maryland Heights has always strived to bring residents the best recreation amenities possible, Aquaport and Community Center being two prime examples. These three new opportunities are the latest endeavors and we are proud that each one is vastly different to better serve our diverse community.

1. Fee Fee Ballfields - Click here to read more about the Fee Fee Ballfields located at 2719 Fee Fee Rd.

2. St. Louis Music Park - This new music venue is located within the Centene Community Ice Center at 750 Casino Center Dr. The unique outdoor space transforms from outdoor skating rink in the winter to a 4,500 seat concert venue during the warmer seasons. COVID-19 delayed the opening in 2020 but the 2021 season has been proving to be a very successful year and a variety of artists have booked the space up all the way until October. If you would like to check out the line up, visit

3. Sustainability Center Project - Click here to read more about the Greenhouse, Garden, & Sustainability Project.