Gun Safety Starts in the Home

It is the responsibility of every gun owner to properly secure their firearms to prevent an accident, theft and misuse in their home.  If you own a firearm, it is also important to have conversations with your children about gun safety. We teach our children everyday about how to be safe; gun safety is no different. 

Children are naturally curious about firearms and are tempted to “play” with them when they come across one. The Maryland Heights Police Department has taught children for years about gun safety during Safety Town Camp and in our elementary DARE program.  

When we teach children about gun safety, we begin with four basic steps:
  1. STOP!
Children are taught by our officers that even if a gun looks like a toy, don’t touch it because some real guns may look like toy guns.  We want them to tell an adult immediately so the firearm can be secured appropriately. When a firearm is not in use, it should be unloaded and stored in a locked gun vault or locked storage case.  
The Maryland Heights Police Department is dedicated to educating the public on keeping firearms safe in your home. We participate in a nationwide program known as Project ChildSafe, sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.  

What is Project ChildSafe?  
Project ChildSafe is a program that promotes safe firearms handling and storage. The program distributes educational messages and FREE gun locking devices. These free gun locking devices (safety kit) is a cable-style gun lock that has been approved by the Department of Justice. Since 1999, over 38 million safety kits have been distributed with the help of over 15,000 law enforcement agencies. Each safety kit contains a padlock and steel cable. The locks fit on most types of handguns, rifles and shotguns.

The safety kits are distributed free of charge to Maryland Heights residents with no questions asked. We hope that participating in this program can help save lives in our community.  

We will give out a maximum of two (2) safety kits per household.  Safety kits are available from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Maryland Heights Police Department Records Room or by contacting Officer Terry Mancusi, at 314-738-2358.