Report a Problem

Got a problem?

Follow this link to file a service request for a problem or issue and we'll do the rest!
Upon clicking the link above (or the button below), you will be taken to our Citizen Access portal.

Through the Citizen Access portal, you may report the following problems:
  • Issues with construction activity
  • Uneven or deteriorated curbs or sidewalks
  • Illegal dumping
  • Any issues within a city park (Dogport, Eise, Fee Fee Greenway, Fee Fee Ballfields, McKelvey Woods Nature Park, McKelvey Woods Park, Parkwood, Quiet Hollow, Vago)
  • Issues with permits
  • Private property concerns which include maintenance, trash, trees or overgrown grass 
  • Sewer backups
  • Storm water or creek issues
  • Street issues which include dead animal pickups, potholes, or debris
  • Damaged or missing traffic signs or signals
  • Problems with the solid waste services (trash, recycling or yard waste)
  • Issues with utilities
  • Vector control
It is not necessary to create an account to report a service request. Please provide the necessary information to describe your problem or concern. If you wish to be contacted directly by one of our staff for follow-up purposes, please provide your name and email or phone number when you submit your request. 

If you have any of the three issues below, please call the non-emergency police line at (314) 298-8700. 
  • Loud noise or music complaints
  • Complaints on vehicles parked on the street
  • Animal control issues
If any of these three problems are NOT IN PROGRESS, you may also utilize the Police Tips form by clicking here. If you would like to report loud noise/music, vehicle complaints or animal issues that are currently occurring, please call the police line (314-298-8700) so that police can be dispatched. 

Should any issue require urgent attention, please call us immediately at (314) 291-6550. For a police emergency in Maryland Heights, dial 911. 

Thank you for alerting us to the problem.

Click here to report a problem