Code of Conduct Policy

Patrons participating in any program or utilizing any facility or service offered by the City of Maryland Heights are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and appropriate manner. Any patron violating this expectation subjects themselves to membership suspension, membership termination, discontinuation of service or program or will be asked to leave the facility. Staff reserves the right to address any witnessed or reported concerns related to conduct or disruptive behavior. Prohibited general conduct includes:

  • Conduct which is obscene or indecent.
  • The use of abusive or profane language.
  • Disrupting or obstructing a program or patrons utilizing the facilities or services.
  • Harassing any patron or staff during a program, in our facilities or utilizing our services through unwanted conduct that causes reasonable fear or safety, such as stalking, or is sufficiently severe, pervasive and persistent that it interferes with the person's services or facilities.
  • Threatening physical abuse, intimidation, coercion or conduct which threatens the health or safety of others is prohibited.