Get Your Loved Ones Home Safe

Do you have a loved one who lives with dementia, autism, or developmental disabilities? If so, you may want to consider enrolling in the Maryland Heights Police Department's new program, Home Safe! 

Home Safe is a free service offered by the Maryland Heights Police Department that will help officers make contact and develop plans with those who have medical conditions or disabilities which can make effective communication challenging. While this program was first envisioned for people with wandering behaviors, we encourage any individuals with a disability who may not specifically wander or bolt to also register for the program. Caregivers are encouraged to apply for individuals, if the individual is unable to do so themselves, to establish a partnership with the MHPD in case an emergency arises. 

The Home Safe program is a useful tool that provides law enforcement with critical information about those registered. With Home Safe, dispatchers and officers are informed of the communication abilities, routines, behaviors, potential triggers emergency contacts, detailed physical descriptions, and photographs of those registered in the program. All of these details better enable us to sensitively and meaningfully respond to people with special needs should situations potentially arise. All information provided for Home Safe is completely confidential, and can only be accessed by a Maryland Heights Police Dispatcher or Officer in case of an emergency. 

How does Home Safe work?

The Home Safe Registry gives the Maryland Heights Police Department quick access to critical information about a registered person with disabilities or medical conditions in case they get lost or wander away. If an officer finds someone who cannot communicate where they live, the officer can search the database by description and return the person to their home and loved ones safely. 

The registry also gives us the information to quickly and easily communicate the registered person's identity and information to officers, improving the quality of response to calls of this nature.

Additionally, the MHPD is able to meet in-person with those applying. Meeting an officer in a safe and comfortable setting (of your choice) will allow the individual to introduce themselves, ask questions and make a friend. Those interested can call Officer Mancusi at (314) 738-2358 or email here.  At that time, please let us know if there are any sensory issues or specific behaviors that we should be aware of. 

Who is eligible for Home Safe?

All members of our community with a disability, special needs, or other medical/sensory conditions that may have challenges communicating are encouraged to register for Home Safe.

What should I do if my loved one goes missing?

Call 9-1-1 immediately and explain your loved one's medical condition or special needs. If they are enrolled in Home Safe, please let the dispatcher know when you call. If your loved one is not registered with our Home Safe program, please make sure you have the following information on hand to provide to the dispatcher and arriving officers:

  • If they can verbally communicate, or how they communicate
  • What names they are responsive to
  • Their medication needs
  • Places they are most likely to visit
  • If they are afraid of noises, loud sounds, being touched, etc...

You can sign yourself or your loved ones up for the Home Safe program by contacting Officer Terry Mancusi here or by accessing the registration link at below.

- Officer Terry Mancusi