Keep Your Packages Safe

December is a busy month for those of us that celebrate the holiday season. Online shopping and home delivery have become a very convenient way for us to keep up with our busy lifestyles. "Porch pirates" are out there lurking. How can you protect your packages from these opportunity thieves? 

A "Porch Pirate" is defined as a person (or persons) who steal packages off of unsuspecting persons’ porches. We have found that these types of thefts are typically a crime of opportunity, and happen close to the roadways where the packages are most visible from the street. These thieves rarely attempt to disguise themselves and are gone with your packages in less than 30 seconds. Thwart these pirates by taking a few extra steps to ensure the safety of your delivery:

Track Your Package Online
Use your smart devices to keep an eye on your packages. By keeping tabs on your package, you can plan to be home when it arrives, or have a neighbor collect it for you.

Invest in a Security Camera
By setting up a security camera, you can catch thieves on video. Just the sight of a camera might be enough to help deter theft. Adding a sign that states they are on camera will make it even more of a deterrent. If a theft does occur, having footage of the porch pirate might help us catch them! We welcome anyone with a security camera to join us on the Neighbors app by Ring.

Use Smart Lockers
Amazon Lockers are located in locations such as grocery and retail stores. You place your order online and can arrange to have it delivered to an Amazon Locker rather than your home. As soon as it is dropped off, you are sent a code that you enter to retrieve your package. This code is unique for each shipment, which means no one can ever steal your code and use it to gain access to your locker. If you are an Amazon Prime Member you can use a smart locker FREE of charge.

Create Your Own Smart Locker 
You can create your own smart locker! By using a padlock or a tech-savvy BoxLock, a lock with built in barcode scanner and a securable container, your packages will be kept safe until you get home. With new products, such as BoxLock, when your package arrives, the carrier presses a button on the BoxLock and scans the package; then the lock opens and the carrier drops the package in the box and re-locks it. 

If technology isn't your “thing”, there are several other ways to help protect your packages:

Make Delivery Requests
Leave specific instructions for the delivery person(s). For example, you can direct them to leave the package in a particular area, so it is not visible from the street. Or you could request a signature for the package to be dropped off.

Ship Packages to Work
You will definitely want to check with your employer beforehand since many companies utilize the mail room for company business only. If you get the approval for the occasional personal delivery, you will know that the package will arrive safely in your hands.

If you feel like you are a victim of this type of crime, please contact the seller and the delivery service to verify delivery of your package. Then contact us at (314) 298-8700 to file a police report.

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