Take Part in Our Name the Street Sweeper Contest!

The City of Maryland Heights recently approved the purchase of a new street sweeper and we need YOUR help to name it!

Public Works staff worked diligently researching which street sweeper would be the best choice for the City and presented data, along with comparisons from other local agencies, for a final recommendation. At the January 19 City Council meeting, the purchase of a 2023 Elgin RegenX Street Sweeper was approved. 

A promotional photo of the Elgin RegenX Street Sweeper

Street sweeping not only makes the streets cleaner, as it will pick up trash and other debris along the road, but it also plays an important part in storm water pollution prevention. By regularly sweeping, this vehicle will be able to prevent unwanted materials from flowing into storm drains, which could cause serious backup and flooding during periods of heavy rain. 

City of Maryland Heights' staff have narrowed down the list of name suggestions to a top ten! Help us choose a favorite by visiting www.marylandheights.com/sweeper and voting for your favorite name. 

Voting will close on May 14 and the name will be announced online on May 15 and published in the June/July newsletter.