An Out-Of-This-Galaxy Open House Event

open house newsletter-06 - CopyGather round, young Jedi and citizens of the empire! The Maryland Heights Police Department (MHPD) is excited to announce an Open House event this spring!

The community will have the opportunity to get an up-close look at their local Police Department on Saturday, May 4, 2024 at the Government Center, 11911 Dorsett Rd., where the MHPD will open their doors to the public to teach young Jedi the way of the force and share some of their galactic wisdom with the rest of the empire. Attendees will be immersed into a galaxy of fun and learning, as the MHPD will unveil some of the secrets of the (police) force.

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far way, the Maryland Heights Police Department held its inaugural Open House in 2019 attracting nearly 600 attendees. Now, as it embarks in it's third year, MHPD is excited to showcase the skills and maneuvers with the finesse of a seasoned pod racer on Tatooine.

As they charted the course for this year's event, they couldn't resist aligning with the stellar date of May 4th. Known to many as "Star Wars Day," it's a time when Star Wars fans across the galaxy celebrate with movie marathons, trivia games, and themed snacks. Embracing this theme, the MHPD proudly presents "May the Police Force be with you," a fun fusion of law enforcement and intergalactic revelry.

This year's event will be filled with activities that are sure to delight everyone from Padawans to seasoned Jedi. Explore our Government Center parking lot, where a fleet of police vehicles, motorcycles, drones, and robots await your inspection. Engage with our officers as they stand ready to answer any questions you may have and pose for memorable photo opportunities.

Step inside the police station for guided tours led by dedicated police officers. Traverse the interior corridors and witness the inner-workings of our operations, from the bustling dispatch room to the secure confines of our jail cells. Please note, all light sabers will need to be checked at the door.

open house newsletter-01 - CopyFear not, weary travelers, food and refreshments will be available, while supplies last. We don't want to give away any spoilers - although, we don't believe blue or green milk will be served - but those who align their hyperdrive to arrive at the start of the event will be able to kickstart their day with a flavorful surprise.

The excitement doesn't end there! Venture throughout the lot to discover tables brimming with giveaways from our partners that include the City of Maryland Heights, Maryland Heights Parks and Recreation, and the Maryland Heights Fire District. Young attendees can also marvel at the talents of a skilled balloon artist as they craft art for our youngest recruits to
take home.

"Our main goal for this event is to forge a deeper connection with the community," said Public Relations Officer McComas. "It gives us an opportunity to share laughs, stories, and build trust in a relaxed setting."

Throughout the year, the MHPD works with several departments to develop community relations. One of the main examples of this practice is Maryland Heights Night Out, an annual tradition where police officers stop by block parties
around town to interact with the residents.

"Maryland Heights Night Out is important to us because it's become a time when we can check-in with our residents every year outside of patrolling their neighborhoods," said Officer McComas. "The Open House is more of a celebration. We get to invite everyone to our house!"

And what better way to foster camaraderie than with our beloved K-9 units! These specially trained dogs and their handlers will be making an appearance, providing demonstrations on their training in tracking and apprehension. In past open houses, attendees lined up to watch the incredible work that these dogs perform. It's a rare occurrence that the community is able to watch our police K-9s perform their
duties. With this year's Star Wars theme, there may be a rebel-worthy surprise that is added to the demonstrations!

open house newsletter-09 - CopyAnother out-of-this-galaxy addition to this year's open house will be a raffle of MHPD swag, including a 'Peace, Love, & MHPD' hoodie from the MH Swag Shop and a chance to win a ride in a police car.

To enter the raffle, community members will simply leave their email addresses to learn more about the Neighborhood Watch program. This program is a community partnership with the Maryland Heights Police Department and active residents who want to take action against crime in their area.

Neighborhood Watch participants act as the eyes and ears for the police department and use crime prevention practices and are trained to recognize and report suspicious activity. A Neighborhood Watch Guide will be available at the open house to provide information, instructions, and even templates to form your own Neighborhood Watch!

"The Open House gives our community the ability to interact with much of the police department's staff first hand," said Major Jamison White. "It's a unique way to develop a better understanding of our dedication, professionalism, and service to the residents of Maryland Heights."

Are you ready to join us on this epic journey? Our staff is looking forward to this event and voyaging into the Star Wars universe, as you can tell from the cover photo featuring Officer Johan Paul and his K9 Duke.

With the police force as your guide, we eagerly anticipate your arrival at our station gates. So, mark your calendars, set your coordinates, and prepare for an unforgettable journey with your local police force!

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