Solar Canopies Update - April 2024

SolarHappy one year anniversary to the Maryland Heights solar canopies! This structure completed installation in April of 2023 as a part of Ameren's Neighborhood Solar program. This program was established to help our area establish and expand renewable energy generation in underutilized locations. These sites provide clean energy to the grid and serve as a hub of renewable workforce development and solar education across Ameren's service area.

"We applied for the program because we saw the opportunity to further our stance on cleaner ways to obtain energy," states Charlie Milligan, Superintendent of Parks. "We had a whole parking lot that was underutilized and now it is collecting clean energy to go back directly into our grid to serve our community."

The Maryland Heights location, the Fee Fee Renewable Energy Center, can be seen from Highway 270 and sits between the Maryland Heights Community Center and Aquaport. The canopies contain 1,335 solar modules and provide shade to Aquaport patrons in the summertime.

Data shows that on average, the Fee Fee Renewable Energy Center produces enough energy to provide electrical needs of sixty homes per year. From April 2023 to February 2024, this location has generated a total of 590,394 kWh.

"The solar canopies are a physical display of Maryland Heights' commitment to a sustainable future," said Economic Development Director Jim Carver. "We were very happy with the collaboration with Ameren for this project and are pleased to see the interest it has sparked from other cities. We are prou