City to Inspect Residential Streets This Summer

Media - Yr 2 Map for MediaBeginning around the last week of May through approximately mid-July, the Department of Public Works’ summer intern will be performing pavement inspections of streets maintained by the city. 

This year’s inspections include residential streets located generally north of Ameling Road and Midland Avenue. 
The intern must be on the street within traffic lanes to count, measure, and record pavement defects. We ask all drivers to be alert and exercise caution in these areas. We may also have to stop traffic briefly to perform an inspection. Your patience and cooperation will allow the intern to perform these inspections safely. 

List of streets to be inspected in 2024:

Ameling Rd. (West of Bennington Pl.)
Arrow Heights Dr.
Autumn Lakes Ct.
Autumn Lakes Dr.
Autumn Shores Ct.
Autumn Shores Dr.
Autumn Trace Dr.
Barbara Dr.
Beckford Estates Dr.
Bedford Pl.
Beechwood Ln.
Belaire Pl.
Beloit Dr.
Bennington Ct.
Bennington Pl. (Ameling Rd. to Creve Coeur Mill Rd.)
Berrybell Dr.
Beverly Dr.
Blaiser L.
Bobbett Dr.
Bonniebrook Dr.
Bourbon St.
Boward Ct.
Breezemont Dr.
Briarcote Ln.
Brookmont Dr.
Cedar Dale Ct.
Cedar Lake Ct.
Cedar Lake Dr.
Celestial Dr.
Charente Dr.
Charlemagne Dr.
Charleston Dr.
Charmbrook Ln.
Charterwood Ct.
Chatham Dr.
Cherry Point Ln.
Clarksdale Dr.
Colonial Dr.
Country Place Ct.
Count y Place Dr.
Country Run Ct.
Country Village Ct.
Country Wood Ct.
Country Wood Dr.
Creston Ln.
Creve Coeur Ridge Ct.
Cynthia Dr.
Diane Marie Dr.
Doddridge Ave.
Donnycave Ln.
Dordogne Dr.
Dunhill Dr.
Eldon Ave.
Epernay Ct.
Fleetwood Pl.
Flushing Dr.
Forestel Ct.
Foxwood Dr.
Gay Glen Dr.
Glenbrook Dr.
Glendrive Pl.
Glengrove Dr.
Glenmar Dr.
Glenmark Ct.
Glenoak Dr.
Glenpark Ct.
Glenpark Dr.
Glenridge Dr.
Glenrose Dr.
Glenvalley Dr.
Glenview Dr.
Glenway Dr.
Glenwest Dr.
Green Cove Ln.
Hathaway Ave.
Hillcrest Pl.
Hollybrook Dr.
Hollycrest Ct.
Hollycrest Dr.
Honey Hill Dr.
James Christopher Dr.
Jamestown Dr.
Jane Ct.
Jaquetta Ct.
Jeannette Mary Dr.
Jonesdale Ct.
Josephine Marie Dr.
Joyce Ct.
Katiejo Ct.
Kentwood Dr.
Lakeport Dr.
Laurel View Ln.
Longmont Dr.
Loxley Ln.
Maryland Manor Dr.
McKelvey Rd. - McKelvey Hill Dr. to Ameling Rd.
McKelvey Hill Dr. - North of Dorsett Rd.
McKelvey Woods Ct.
Meadow Grove Ct.
Meadowpark Ct.
Meadow Run Ct.
Midland Ave.
Midvale Dr.
Milwell Ct.
Millwell Dr.
Monica Dr.
Nantucket Pl.
Onondaga Dr.
Park Ct.
Parkwood Ln.
Parkwood Pl.
Penmar Dr.
Pheasant Run Dr. - North of Ameling Rd.
Postport Ln.
Providence Ln.
Renaissance Dr.
Rose Acres Ln.
Salem Dr.
Sandal Tree Ct.
Sarthe Ct.
Sarthe Dr.
Sheridan Dr.
Smoke Rise Ct.
Smoke Valley Ct.
Smokeview Dr.
Sologne Ct.
Spring Place Ct.
Sprucewood Dr.
Sugartree Ln.
Sungrove Dr.
Sunnycrest Pl.
Timberlake Dr.
Toulouse Ct.
Turkey Creek Ct.
Tyra Ct.
Village Glen Ct.
Villager Park Ct.
Wakefield Pl.
Washington Ct.
Wesbay Dr.
Wesbriar Ct.
Wesco Dr.
Wescreek Dr.
Wesford Dr.
Wesglen Estates Dr.
Weshill Ct.
Weshire Pl.
Wesington Dr.
Wesland Dr.
Wesmeade Dr.
Westrick Dr.
Wexford Place Dr.
Woodford Ct.